Adult Baby Play

Mistress, offers a full adult baby service. Does the thought of regressing thrill you? Crawling on all fours, being cleaned and pampered like a little baby, having your nappy changed, and sitting on Mummy’s/Nanny’s/Auntie’s knee. Whatever, your baby need’s are Mistress can cater for them.

Anal Play

Mistress, can give you the “ultimate massage” with her fingers ( or her fist), or if you are brave enough, Mistress can insert some of her toys and potentially her strap on, all the way inside you.

CBT – (Cock and Ball Torture)

Not for the faint hearted!!! Want to endure Mistress at her cruellest. She has all the implements to give you maximum satisfaction (pleasure and pain), clamps, cock rings and a wooden humbler, are just some of the tools used.


There is no greater pleasure for Mistress than orgasm denial. Mistress, will put a Chastity device on you and she will keep hold of the key until she thinks you are worthy of release (or maybe not at all). Can be kept on for long periods of time ie weeks, or even several months etc. You will squirm and be aroused by Mistress as the extremities of wanton pleasure take their toll.

CP – (Corporal Punishment)

Have you been a naughty boy or girl? Mistress, will put you across her knee and spank you. Or she may ask you to bend over and administer 12 of her best caning strokes, (at your request Mistress is skilled enough so this wont leave marks), or you may want to be punished with a riding crop, or tawse, or whip (the list is almost limitless).

Cross Dressing

Fancy yourself as a naughty pretty schoolgirl, or a slutty maid. Feel free to explore the women in you. Mistress, has a range of wigs, costumes, shoes, and can offer a full make over service. Once you are transformed into the woman you desire to become, you can admire yourself in Mistresses mirrored play room.

Foot Worship

Aside from her unrivalled beauty, Mistress has the most gorgeous legs you have ever seen. She loves having these and her feet pampered and massaged. If you perform to her very high high standards you could be hand picked to be her personal shoe slave.

Maid Service

Mistress loves to be both pampered and spoilt in equal measures. Nothing pleases her more than an obedient and grateful Slave.

One of Mistresses many attributes is her skill at Maid Training. You will be fully made up with wigs, makeup etc, and dressed in a sexy short maids outfit, or something you have requested to wear. Also, stockings and perched on the highest heels.

You will learn to walk like a slutty Maid up and down Mistresses Playroom, (and don’t forget to curtsey), learning to walk properly in heels is a real art. You could even show Mistress your gorgeous bare bottom, before it becomes red raw with punishment.

Mistress, truly adores having her feet massaged and pampered and awaits your visit.

Hard and Watersports (giving only) aka coprophillia and urophillia

Yes Mistress does both. I walk where other Mistresess fear to tread. If the idea of Mistress fouling or urinating over you excites you, then indulge yourself in this much liked but rarely offered practice. Can be adapted to your personal taste and desires.

Medical Play

Do you need an appointment to visit Nurse Boudicca? No waiting times here. Mistress, will put on her very sexy Nurses uniform and give you a very thorough examination.

New and Novice Clients

Mistress, welcomes new and novice clients. If you have ever wanted to be in the company of a gorgeous sensuous lady, but have never had the courage before, then Mistress Boudicca is the woman for you. I am very much a people person and adore engaging with clients. I will make you feel very relaxed, and ease any fears or concerns you may have. Please either ring or send Mistress an email message introducing yourself (you don’t have to use your real name). Mention ideally what you would be looking for in a session, ie cross dressing, corporal punishment, role play, etc. Feel free to ask Mistress anything about the session, as I want you to enjoy it fully. Mistress, is very broad minded and has heard most requests before. If you do not ask you never know.

Splashing AKA WAM Fetish – (Wet and Messy)

This is becoming more and more popular in the fetish scene. It involves being covered with liquid and cold food (ketchup, ice cream, custard, trifle, pies, etc). Well worth trying and SO much fun if you haven’t before.

Tie N Tease

How does the thought of Mistress tying you up and teasing you repeatedly to the point of orgasm but denying, or stopping short of actually allowing you to orgasm grab you. Mistress, will tie you up, restrain you, maybe gag you, blindfold you, and then with her skilled hands and implements tease you. She will stroke you, caress you, tickle you, fondle you all while you are helpless to resist. You will become so enamoured with Mistresses teasing, you will be at her mercy and will do anything she asks. Dare you rise to the challenge!!!