Mistress Boudicca’s  Gift Guide

The below mentioned items are things that Mistress is particularly interested in.  However, if you would like to bring Mistress a gift of your choice, then she would only be too happy to accept your kind gift.  Thank you very much.

Mistress is quite partial to chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons and absolutely adores Raw Chocolate.  Mistress is extremely grateful to you all.


“Fame” by Lady Gaga.

“Cashmere Mist” by Donna Karan.

“Elle/She” by Emporio Armani.

“Stella” by Stella McCartney.

“Guilty” by Gucci.

“Armani Code” by Giorgio Armani.

“Dior Addict” by Christian Dior.



W H Smith Vouchers.
Waterstones Vouchers.
HMV Vouchers.
M & S Vouchers.



Mistress, has a passion in particular for “Silver” Jewellery.



Red Wine – South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.
Bottle of Baileys.
Bottle of Tia Maria.


General Gifts

Black/Red/Purple/Natural selection of Stockings (large) size.

Shoes or boots in a normal (size 7). If fetish, then a (size 8) is required and gratefully received. Please speak to Mistress, if in doubt prior to purchasing. Thank you so much.


Fetish Items

Leather “Restraining” Jacket (for Bondage sessions)

Finally, if you are local to Bristol or even visiting a “fetish toy” from the following shop would be very much appreciated.  Thank you.

My Only Vice, 135 Gloucester Road North, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7PY. (0117)9699557.

Website:- www.myonlyvice.com