Mistress Boudicca’s  Testimonials

Listed below are just a small selection of testimonials that i have received. If you enjoyed your time with me then why not contribute…..

“I have visited Mistress on several occasions and have had the pleasure to be her slave. She is the most caring and attentive Mistress, ensuring the scenarios we undertake are intense whilst totally exploring my needs. I have had the privilege of being her foot slave and her personal toy. When I arrive we discuss what we are to do and then I am left to undress in expectation of what is to come. When Mistress reappears she is a vision of beauty which I am allowed to see before I am blindfolded and cuffed. From then I am her helpless slave and I immediately surrender to her as she caresses and strokes me. From then we have enjoyed several sessions, whether it be bondage, tie and tease or bouts of poppers along with restraint. At all times my boundaries are pushed and my servility tested to ensure I am her total slave, which I willingly am. Time spent with my Mistress is totally valued and I can hardly wait until I am in her presence again.”


“When I first contacted Mistress Boudicca, I was directed to her very private and discreet property. I was then shown into the playroom, it was full of all sorts of implements for torture and pleasure. Mistress Boudicca made me feel very welcome and we discussed what I liked in full detail. I was then given my safe word should I need it.

Mistress then started to tease and play with me, using the implements I like with the greatest skill. I was now under her spell. I have always loved to be dominated, and Mistress Boudicca is a true Dominatrix. She can be cruel, she can be kind, but most of all you know who is in charge.

I have now visited the Mistress on several occasions, and each time I am asked what I would like, and each time it gets better and better. I ask for my limits to be pushed even further and I know I am in safe hands as I always have my safe word to say should I feel the need to use it. I always get excited as an appointment draws near, and there has never been any disappointment.

So if you are thinking of booking do it you will not be disappointed, let Mistress Boudicca place you under her spell, and you will have all your fantasies in the world of BDSM come true.”

Slave Bob

“After several communications between Myself and Mistress Boudicca we arranged a session together.

When I arrived I was warmly greeted and shown into the playroom. Before the session even started I was offered a drink and a shower and we then discussed what I wanted in the session.

I served in the armed forces for 21yr years so discipline is a way of life for me. I have always been in control in my work life and it was great to hand control over to Mistress. BDSM play isn’t all about being beaten and the introduction of the gentle sensual touch that Mistress Boudicca has was very welcomed and took me to the edge.

Followed by a warm firm spanking which I enjoyed. Nothing during the session is rushed, you loose track of time, and fall into the spell of being a submissive. I even had the pleasure of kissing Mistresses feet and lovely legs, which was such a treat.

As the Maid, I completed my ironing and was told to please Mistress by wearing my PVC maids uniform which only highlighted my please. Mistress saw this and I was spanked again.

If you want to serve a REAL Mistress Call Mistress Boudicca, The real Deal.

Looking forward to being owned and I m willing to shave as a mark of respect.”

Maid Martina

“Last year, my previous Mistress retired after an association of nearly 20 years and I was sure it would be very difficult to find a replacement. But then, I found Mistress Boudicca and she has proved to be everything I was hoping for.

My interests are more sensual than severe: pain is obviously part of the equation but I would rather have a dozen light strokes of the cane than three very severe ones and Mistress will do this and is very skilled at keeping marks to an agreed level. She is also very good at accepting your limits but always manages to push you just that bit further.

Mistress is attractive, warm, soft and very sexually exciting. She has a wide range of equipment including a large collection of anal toys and she is very adept at their use, stretching me (both literally and figuratively) and producing a wonderful mixture of pain, humiliation and excitement.

I am delighted to have fallen on my feet by finding Mistress Boudicca, although most of the time I seem to be on my knees! And loving it. I cannot recommend her too highly.”

slave b

“I really do recommend a visit to Mistress Boudicca. She operates from very private and discreet premises and has an amazing playroom. Mistress is satisfyingly strict, but there’s a kind and generous spirit behind it all. Mistress is clearly interested in her subs and wants them to enjoy the session, and if you establish your preferred scenario beforehand you can be sure that Mistress will oblige. I had a very enjoyable session (spent in chastity!) and would very much like to return.”

Sub P

“I have always had a fascination about cross dressing, not to go out in public, but always wondered what I would look like as a female.

Having had the courage to speak to mistress, she put me at ease and talked me through the “makeover ” procedure.

I then booked an appointment , to visit her.

What first struck me about mistress was what a kind person she is and very understanding. She led me into her playroom and I was in awe from the start. I really felt I had stepped into another world.

After a chat about what we both wanted from the session, mistress showed me some choices of outfits I could wear and also lingerie, footwear and a selection of wigs.

Mistress then proceeded to give me a makeover , with eyeliner, foundation, lipstick etc. Once this was done I then put on my lingerie, my outfit, and my heels, and mistress attended to my hair for me. I then stood and looked in the mirror, what was looking back at me, was not myself, but a gorgeous blonde female.

It was an experience I won’t forget, and there are many more avenues I want to explore, so I will certainly be visiting mistress again!”


“Having never sought the services of a mistress before, I was very nervous at even picking up the phone to contact Mistress, let alone then travelling to Her address. However, in Her calm but authoritative tone, Mistress put me at ease, both on the telephone and then when arriving at Her secluded yet easy to find premises. I could not fail to notice the a tantalising range of implements on display in Her ‘playroom’ as She discussed my previous experience (i.e. none) and the services in which I was interested. Mistress then instructed me to strip to my underwear and adopt a prostrate position on the floor whilst She went to put on Her dominatrix attire.

Seeming content that I had so far followed Her instructions, Mistress allowed me to stand whilst She blindfolded me and appeared to carry out an inspection of Her new plaything. In time I was subjected to (or should I say rewarded with !) being trampled on, forced to grovel at and kiss Mistress’s feet and strapped to Mistress’s recently refurbished whipping bench. Mistress found my limits and interspersed increasingly strong blows with gentle caresses from a feather duster.

Long before the session ended, I knew that I would be begging Mistress for further appointments and I have come to really look forward to subsequent visits, although always with an air of trepidation at what Mistress may have in store for me. I would thoroughly recommend Mistress Boudicca to anyone who seeks a dominant mistress who will fulfil their fantasies and desires”.

Sub M

“I first visited Mistress last April 2012, and had an absolutely great time.

I decided to visit again in Sep 2013. Mistress had informed me that she had had a play room built.
Upon arrival, I was taken into the playroom and wow!!! I was blown away. It was far better than I could imagine.
I wont fully describe it as you will have to visit yourself to find out, but if you can visualise what a Mistresses playroom would be like, you will still be underestimating it.
Mistress is a lovely person, very attractive , very accommodating to your needs and understanding. Everything I suggested to her was discussed without any awkwardness and her improvisation skills are second to none.
She really has a mindset to get inside you and connect, which make the sessions so enjoyable.
I will definitely visit again, and once visited, you will not want to see any other mistresses.”


“If like me you are interested in medical scenarios with your Mistress, I can highly recommend Mistress Boudicca. From the first time I met her it was clear she is in another league from many of the Dommes I have met in the past. I have been searching for some time for someone like her, and I was lucky enough to come across her when in Bristol.

At first, I just wanted to know if she would be able to fully supply what I needed, which was a step further than the average medical dressing up in a nurse’s uniform. I wanted things done which would resemble the real thing and provide a lasting experience.Some of the things we discussed are not for everybody but Mistress listened intently to my desires and asked penetrating and relevant questions so that she could make a judgement as to whether what I wanted would be safe and that I would come to no permanent harm.For those of you who are in to similar play, whether it be having your prostate massaged or getting a urethral sound passed, I want to tell you that Mistress Boudicca can offer something else which really makes it an enhanced experience. It will stand out in your memory.

Unlike many Dommes, Mistress will offer you a needle in your bum, as though you were getting an injection. You can imagine it to be anything you want. For me it is a jab you may get in your bum in the ward a little while before you get put to sleep for your operation. Mistress says all the right soothing words and you are told to keep still while she does it. You get a wipe with surgical spirit on the skin and then the jab. Whoah! Fantastic. It hurts just the right amount. She then said, as my nurse, she would have to prepare me for the operation on my cock, and so she stripped my pants off and inspected my cock and balls. She pulled back my foreskin very professionally and treated my prick to more surgical spirit (which also stung in a very reassuring way).

This is just a taste of what Mistress can do. Having the needle was the crowning glory of the experience, and I highly recommend it. Above all though, Mistress is careful to look after the welfare of her subs, and at all times is concerned for their safety. She gives both exquisite pleasure and pain and you always feel in safe hands. I always felt she had complete control of the situation, even though we were doing some things together for the first time.

Mistress, is more than willing to explore new scenarios and ways of working with her subs. I highly recommend a visit to her. Tell her your innermost desires for serving her and she will not disappoint you. Even if your fetish is not medical yet, I recommend you try it. Especially the jab in in the bum. It really is an experience.”

Sub Simon.

“Lose yourself in the sensual touch of this wish fulfilling Mistress. Pleasure and pain are all the same for this warrior queen who will ensure that you resonate all the right notes as you succumb to both her and your desires.

Discipline and pleasure, are her two desires which once you experience will ensure your devotion and release you into your deepest fantasies.

A time of your life awaits in the domain of Mistress Boudicca. So pop along and have yourself a treat.

So writes one who knows.”

Maid Sarah.

“Mistress, is kind and friendly with a strict dominating streak, and has well equipped secluded premises. You will be welcomed with open arms and a drink.

There are facilities to shower before and after your session. She has a delightful wardrobe both for herself and for her visitors.

Her sessions are erotic and stimulating. Any slut will have a most enjoyable thought provoking time, and escape from reality. Highly recommended therapeutic experience.”


“Mistress Boudicca excites with all her delights, so down on your knees you go when in the presence of this Warrior Queen, who is well able to please. Break free of inhibition and realise your deepest desires, as others have done whilst in the presence of this super Dom”.

From a supplicant that knows.

This Queen of the light offers much in the way of delight, but be wary of crossing her lest you wish for a fright.
Darkness and light in equal measure, like pain and delight is on offer to those who worship at this high altar.
Dare you partake of Boudicca’s heady brew? Do so doubtless you will find that it is just right for you!
I did and look at me now, known to a few as Maid Sarah in serving my Mistress in anyway I am able.

Thank you Mistress you are truly magnificent!

To experience the decandent touch of Mistress, is to know the true sensation of pain and pleasure.
I can recommend time spent with Mistress will fulfil all your desires and more. Be you a novice or experienced, Mistress will tailor her needs to suit.
Please do not miss the opportunity to open your mind and expand your dreams, whatever they maybe.

Have fun!

The Oz.

“When I met Mistress she was very hospitable. During the session she did her best to do what I had outlined to her in my scenario, as she clearly strived to provide a service centred around the customer”.


“Hello Mistress Boudicca, well I have just got back home and I feel very chilled to say the least. I would like to thank you for a great time. I have experienced a couple of different things and I must say I did enjoy that alot. The way you spoke to me, the way you put me to bed and restrained me. I know it was your first time for this role, however you did very well and the smoothering well I did enjoy that alot as well as the spanking, the finger all of it. I do plan to see you again sometime in the future. I was most impressed at you accomodating with regards to a bath and clean towels, etc. I hope you enjoyed the session as much as I did. Once again, thank you and you looked amazing by the way. I think you have a great character and way about yourself and you look lovely as well. Thank you”.

Mistress Boudicca

I was fortunate enough to meet Mistress Boudicca quite by chance one afternoon in Bristol, we just happened to be in the same place. i knew very little about Her and we had not been introduced but i found myself unable to stop myself from looking at Her from across the room. She looked fantastic and i was green with envy because she was not my Mistress but somebody else’s.
She saw me looking at Her several times and smiled, she knew what i was thinking!

Later on that day i was able to chat to Mistress and She suggested that we should get in touch again as She was looking for new subs at the time and with that we exchanged numbers.

When we spoke on the phone it was suggested that i should visit Her in Bristol for a meeting so She could find out if i was suitable material for Her to use. i was instructed to meet Her one lunchtime for a chat and all the time i was with Her my desire to serve Her became more and more intense, She had an air of authority and superiority about Her that i had never seen in another Mistress.

The meeting went well and i was told that we should meet again but next time at Mistresses home where she could start to train me in Her ways. A date was set and i was very excited, for days i thought of little else until finally the morning of my visit arrived. i got up early and prepared myself, making sure that i was clean and well shaved for the inspection i knew i would be getting. i drove to Bristol and called Mistress when i was near Her address so that She could come and meet me. i parked my car and was shown into Mistresses home.

We chatted for a while and Mistress made me a drink and something to eat, very soon i felt very much at ease and comfortable in Her company, eventually i was told to go and get ready for Her and by now all i wanted to do was to be the best that i could for Her. All the time i was there i was made to feel safe and when She tied me and blindfolded me i felt completely comfortable. As this was my first visit i was inspected thoroughly and i was complimented on how i had prepared myself, Mistress it seems is very fussy and likes Her subs to make an effort for Her.

Mistress used a wide selection of Her toys on me that afternoon and the session that lasted about two hours seemed like only a few minutes, i did not want it to stop and i did not want to have to leave. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and i was allowed to rest and given a drink before leaving so that Mistress was sure i was safe and relaxed for my journey home.

Since that first time with Mistress i have been able to visit Her again and each visit things have got better and better as She has got to know my limits. Each time my limits have been pushed further and when i visit again i hope they will be pushed even more. i have got to know Mistress now and i trust her 100%, she is kind, caring and a very capable Domme, she has a fantastic touch and knows exactly how to get the most from Her subs. i wish i was able to visit Her more often but look forward so much to every time i get to see Her.

If anyone is thinking about visiting Mistress Boadicea i can assure You that you will not be disappointed, She will make sure that you have a fantastic visit and you will definitely be left wanting more just like i was. She looks great and She will take good care of you whilst respecting your limits but don’t expect things to be too easy because She will push you but then again that’s partly what this is all about, there’s no gain without pain…….Enjoy!